Short Biography

All started in a sunny day of Spring season at the Sao Tome Island – Sao Tome and Principe, that Maria (equivalent to Mary in English) gave a birth to a boy who the couple called Helio.

As it has been traditional, many figures that were born in Sao Tome Island, the so called “green paradise” located in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, are very proud to mention it in their biography.

Is there, the place where Helio was brought up by his parent – a couple with a very enriched and mixed cultural background. He spent the entire childhood full of family love, blessed with the magnificent tropical brises, the unique sunrise and sunset, pure coconut water, amazing food and pure and naïve smile that the local inhabitants friendly and gratefully used to offer each other.

Although he still feels deeply connect to the island, these are among many things that now only belong to his remembrance. The family stands out among many things he believes and value more. He his a traveller, very opened to the world gastronomy and culture, and loves some good wines.

Back in the day, Sao Tome and Principe used to be a portuguese colony, hence the primary language is portuguese. It is there, where he’s received his primary education and spent the entire childhood. The teenage was spent between the Sao Tome Island and Lisbon, where he's finished his secondary education and further moved on to university studies.

After have lived in United Kingdom for many years, he is currently settled in England as an Engineer and self-publishing Writer / Editor.

Academic and Professional Profile

Helio Bandeira, aka Lester, enrolled in Electrical Engineering and Computing at University of Coimbra in Portugal, where he’s lived intensively the social life and academic culture, with a keen interest toward the promotion and preservation of the culture of Sao Tome and Principe among the other fellows, through the Youth Student Association from Sao Tome and Principe that he presided for two years.

Years after moved to United Kingdom, he enrolled at the University of Liverpool, where he graduated in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering.

Along with publishing, he is currently an IT Consultant/Software and Web Developer, and still pursues academic researches on his own in computing and electronic field being web technology and 4G LTE Networks respectively.

Literary Route

Initiated his writing activities very early in Sao Tome under the orientation of UNEAS, organization that was, at the time, presided by the poetry icon of the Sao Tome island, Alda da Graça do Espírito Santo [RIP]. Conjoined with other fellows who had passion for creative writing, mentored by UNEAS and sponsored by UNESCO, he co-founded ULAJE Clube UNESCO - Youth Union of Art and Literature.

Currently, he also is a self-publishing writer/editor and columnist, author of some articles in the newspaper and magazines, mostly within Lusophony community, many of them posted on this Website.

Although he also does some poetry, currently the Author self-defines his writing style as Romance. "SODADI - A Comadre do Cão", is his first title of this gender, a controversial political novel, and well accepted by the criticism; published in portuguese language by a british editor.

Note that the title of the book is a bit awkward to be translated to english, but the most close match, as per Author, is “The Dog’s Comrade”. Click here to know more about it.


  • UNEAS [NUWAS] - National Union of Writers and Artist of Sao Tome and Principe
  • SPA - Portuguese Society of Authors
  • British Library
  • Nielsen Book UK
  • IEEE - International Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineering


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No prizes yet! There is a long way still to go through, slowly and humbly. Actually, the biggest one is already won: the love and care of those who love Helio's writing and believe in his potential... those that inspired this Website to be launched. They are many in numbers an great in hearts


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